Brakes & Clutches

All types of mechanical work undertaken including welding and accident repair

Our technicians are trained to a very high standard

Brakes and Clutches are critical components on your vehicle, because you cannot see most of the components that make up these systems, deterioration will take place without you noticing, this quite often results in unnecessary and expensive repair bills as excessive wear in one component will normally result in wear or damage to another considerably increasing your repair costs.


All our technicians are trained to a very high standard and are issued with the latest technical information and correct specialist tooling. We will only supply parts of original quality, and we will only carry out replacement if we have the correct tooling and technical information.


We are always happy to advise you on all aspects of your brakes and clutches and offer a FREE no obligation BRAKE INSPECTION and report, once we have completed the inspection and report, should there be any areas that we feel require attention, we will provide you with a full written quote and a copy of your report, if there is anything you are unsure about or don’t understand we will be happy to explain or show you on your vehicle.

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