Part Worn Tyres

Spectacular used tyres at Oak Street Tyres

Part-Worn Tyres (Used Tyres)

Part Worn Tyres also known as Used Tyres are tyres that have been previously used. Used tyres usually have at least 50% of their original tread which can easily produce a few thousand miles of safe driving.


We also stock a massive range of top quality part worn tyres in Preston. As well as being high performance, our tyres are great value for money; they have at least 50% of their original tread, so they can continue to be used for miles and miles, and will still be fuel efficient and cost effective.


The main attraction of part worn or nearly new tyres is of course the price; part worn tyres are substantially cheaper than brand new tyres and are equally safe. Part worn tyres are the ideal solution if you need new tyres for your vehicle, but can’t afford brand new ones.


When fitting your part worn tyres, we will balance them and use our wheel alignment technology to ensure your tyres are fitted perfectly and will last longer.

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